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          Zhejiang Kaishuo Automotive Electronics CO.,Ltd is dedicated to manufacturing and developing and trading in vehicle ignition coil,vehicle Engine Control Unit.The products cover 300 sorts of different specifications.They are compatible for all vehicles and can meet with the requirements of the users.Our products are sold in the domestic and foreign markets like Europe,Americas,Middle East and Afirca.We uphold the scientific management system and relay on the R/D technology leading in the same sector,and the Germany technologies,based on advanced production and testing equipments,adopt the imported quality materials,sophisticated R/D,production and marketing team. Thus we are the professional manufacture of vehicle ignition coil and vehicle sprayed controller leading in the same sector.
          We technically carry out the quality management system.Our products are technically tested and inspected.The raw materials,processing,production and ex-works delivery are conducted as per the international vehicle standard.
          We have advanced product quality labs.Our products are tested in their performance,heating impact and fatigue.Thus their quality is assured and reliable.
          We uphold the enterprise spirit of"Profession achieves value,a name brand is made of innovation" and we adhere to the policy of that"Survive by quality,develop by honesty and credit".We are maintaining the sound reputation of an enterprise and the interests of clients.Our quality products,strong after-marketing service and competitive price as well as quick user feedback information have won us sound reputation and trust from the users.
          We are looking forward to working hard together with all the users to make a prosperous futuer.



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